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Architects, Shopfitters, Landscapers & Builders

One of the many advantages of our products is that they are very straightforward to install.

With the practicalities of glass barrier and screen installation in mind, we wanted to provide you with straightforward solutions. We have developed a range of glass windbreaks, screens and partitions that are not only light, super-strong, highly versatile and virtually maintenance-free, but also pre-assembled and ready to be bolted to the floor.

Our products are very easy to use, but we know that there are times you might appreciate having a friendly expert that deals with glass balustrading on a daily basis - please get in touch! We are happy to hear from you even before you have committed to purchase from us.

If you are looking for a recommended installer, please get in touch.

Glass barriers and screens are becoming more and more popular. We are one of the UK's foremost provider glass barriers and screens; we are very competitively priced, deliver when we say we will and provide all the technical details and installation information you could desire.

We welcome you to visit our workshop and showroom - call us or request a visit via one of our representatives.

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